THINK BAG-Workshop at the Polimoda Institute in Florence

9 June 2021

This was the fourth meeting of the THINK BAG by Leather & Luxury and Loipell project, dedicated to workshops, in which we participated as suppliers (an interesting exception for our work). We started like this: by supporting and motivating young designers and fashion managers., During the days of workshops we in fact show students the materials, skills and techniques that they will make available to help them create their iconic bag in a sustainable way. .

How it all started

We strongly believe in the value of collaboration between professional institutes and companies in the sector. Furthermore, we are always very curious to see our materials give life and shape to the creativity of stylists and designers. We thank Leather & Luxury for having thought of us. We are honored to be able to get in touch with the students of the prestigious Polimoda Institute and to be able to make our knowledge and materials available to young people, future designers and fashion managers; as well as being able to exchange opinions and ideas with them.

The choice of raw materials

We presented various types of leathers developed on different supports, such as goats, lambs and calves. We have made three collections available to the students.

  • “Indira”, hand-woven in various patterns
  • a more trendy series of floc, embossed and printed laminated leathers
  • the collection linked to the theme of environmental sustainability with our vegetalized products and the “bio-pell”, the biodegradable leather

Our contribution to environmental sustainability

In the Materia Prima catalog we also offer Metal Free and vegetalized leathers, in addition to our bio-leather, (biodegradable leather). And we are constantly working on the development of innovative items with low environmental impact. We believe that the issue of environmental sustainability concerns us all very closely. Now there can be no innovative technology applied to the product that does not look at reducing the impact it will have on the environment. And this obviously also applies to the leather sector.